Thursday, June 20, 2024

The Failure of the Two-State Solution: The Prospects of One State in the Israel-Palestine Conflict



Diplomats, politicians and activists alike have long laboured under the assumption that a two-state solution is the only path to peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. But as this goal has not come to fruition, and the ever-elusive scepter of peace slips further from reach, violence and instability deepen. This book discusses another - until recently unthinkable - option: a single bi-national state in Israel-Palestine, with all inhabitants sharing in equal rights and citizenship, regardless of ethnicity or faith. It is the first rigorous exploration of this innovative and controversial alternative that has entered the discourse surrounding the peace process. With scholars from both sides of the conflict analysing the possibility of a one-state solution and the shortcomings of the two-state track, this is an important and ground-breaking book for students of Politics, International Relations, Peace Studies and Middle East Studies and all interested in the resolution of this intractable conflict. Contributors include Omar Barghouti, Nadia Hijab, Gharda Karmi, Ilan Pappe, Gabriel Piterberg, Virginia Tilley and Husam Zomlot.


Table of Contents


The Failure of the Two-State Solution and Delimiting the One-State Idea
Hani A. Faris

Part I: Is the Two-State Settlement Feasible?

The Deeper Politics of Jewish Settlements
Virginia Tilley

A Racialised Space: The Future of Jerusalem
Saree Makdisi

Building a Palestinian State Under Occupation: Reassessing the Oslo Process
Husam Said Zomlot

Is the Two-State Settlement Still Viable? An Overall Assessment of the Present Situation
Naseer H. Aruri

Israel’s War on Gaza: Zionism’s Pyrrhic Victory?
Nancy Murray

Part II: Ideologies and the Idea of a Historic Settlement

Deconstructing the Zionist Settler Narrative and Constructing an Alternative
Gabriel Piterberg

In the Golden Age of Constantinian Judaism: The Future of the Indigenous Jewish Prophetic: Israel, Ethnic Particularism and Universalist Values
Marc H. Ellis

Challenging the Consensus Favouring the Two-State Model
Ali Abunimah

A Blueprint for a One-State Movement: A Troubled History
Ilan Pappé

Part III: Practicalities in the Search for a Resolution of the Conflict

The Rights of Palestinian Refugees and Territorial Solutions in Historic Palestine
Susan M. Akram

The Geographic and Demographic Imperatives of a Single State
Salman H. Abu Sitta

Mizrahi Feminism and the Question of Palestine: Two States or One?
Smadar Lavie

Part IV: Mobilising for a Solution

Mobilising Palestinians in Support of One State
George E. Bisharat

Mobilising Israel and the World Jewry for the One-State Solution
Norton Mezvinsky

Palestinians in Israel and Binationalism: Escape from the Impasse
As’ad Ghanem

Reversing Defeat Through Non-violent Power
Nadia Hijab

Building Movements for the One-State Solution in Palestine and the Arab World
Leila Farsakh

Awakening the American Conscience about Israel/Palestine
Joel Kovel

Building an International Movement to Promote the One-State Solution
Ghada Karmi