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1 Largest online library of free e-books on Palestine 1924
2 Journal of Palestine Studies. Special Virtual Issue on Jerusalem. 2055
3 A book review by Michael Smith on The Rise of the Arab American Left: Activists, Allies, and their Fight against Imperialism and Racism, 1960s-1980s. By Pamela Pennock 2210
4 Review of Tom Suarez book 1952
5 The Sectarianism of the Islamic State: Ideological Roots & Political Context by Hassan Hassan 7149
6 Op-Ed 'Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Israel' by BAN KI-MOON, UN Secretary General 6802
7 The Obama Doctrine by Jeffrey Goldberg 7975
8 Why the Arabs don’t want us in Syria. They don’t hate ‘our freedoms.’ They hate that we’ve betrayed our ideals in their own countries — for oil by ROBERT F. KENNEDY, Jr 7237
9 Speech on America's Persian and Arabian Wars by Chas W. Freeman, former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia delivered on March 4, 2016 7066
10 What Comes Next: A Secular Democratic State in Historic Palestine – A Promising Land by Omar Barghouti 10062
11 The Ten Mythologies of Israel by Ilan Pappe 10383
12 Palestinian Hunger Strikers: Fighting Ingrained Duplicity by Noura Erakat 10111
13 Netanyahu’s Machine: The Crisis of Zionism by Peter Beinart 10403
15 Globalized Palestine The National Sell-Out of a Homeland by Khalil Nakhleh 13648
16 The Palestine Nakba: Decolonising History, Narrating the Subaltern, Reclaiming Memory by Nur Masalha 10799
17 The Suffering of the Palestinian Refugee By Mariam Itani and Mo‘in Manna‘ 10674
18 Imperial by Design by John J. Mearsheimer 13800
19 My Life in the PLO. The Inside Story of the Palestinian Struggle by Shafiq Al-Hout 10813
20 State of Siege by Mahmoud Darwish 9190

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