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1 Primer on Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict by MERIP 1063
2 How a Lebanese immigrant helped pave the way for the study of Islam and Muslim culture in the US by Evan Taparata. Published by Public Radio International on December 6, 2016. 1690
3 Crusaders and Zionist 1516
4 Towards a Post-Apartheid Palestine 3242
5 45 YEARS OF OCCUPATION by the Institute for Middle East Understanding 6606
6 The 1948 Palestinian Refugees and the Individual Right of Return by Gail J. Boling 8202
7 Palestinian Landscape Reviewed by Elaine Hagopian 21335
8 What Has Been the Role of the UN in the Israel-Palestine Struggle by Phyllis Bennis 109393
9 About The Palestinian Refugees by Joseph Massad 23809
10 What Are The Palestinian Collective and Individual Rights Under International Law by Faith Zeadey and Elaine Hagopian 20953
11 Whose Jerusalem by Naseer Aruri 21154
12 The Origin and History of the PLO by Khalil Barhoum 49230
13 The Palestinian Economy and the Oslo “Peace Process" by Leila Farsakh 31011
14 What are the Terms of the Oslo "Peace Process" by Souad Dajani 33098
15 What led to the Oslo "Peace Process" by Elaine Hagopian 23662
16 What is the Origin of the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict by Elaine Hagopian 49477