Sunday, October 20, 2019

Arab Inter-parliamentary Union
Birzeit University
Educational Institutions in the Middle East
League of Arab States
Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations
Arabic Literature - Cornell University
Bringing life to Muslim Heritage
Fully illustrated documented site on Ancient Egypt
Gilad Atzmon - Music and Writings
Islamic Arts & Architecture
Khaldoun Alnaqeeb Archive
Middle East Photograph Archive - University of Chicago
Mona Baker Website
Palestine National Orchestra
Palestine Youth Orchestra
A globally oriented media service
Al-Bawaba, complete information on the question of Palestine
Arabian Network
Arabic Media Internet Network
Arabic Network For Human Rights Information
B.B.C. Middle East
The BRussells Tribunal
Complete Guide to Palestine's Websites
Database for the Arab World - News and Media
Directory of Lebanese Blogs
Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research
Global Arab Network
Guide to Middle East Websites
Joshua Landis' Blog, Syria Comment on Syrian Politics, History and Religion
Kuwait News Agency
Located in Boston USA. The Arab American TV Program. Listen and watch us online
Middle East Report (Merip)
National Iraqi News Agency
National News Agency Lebanon
News website devoted to covering American foreign policy in the Middle East, chiefly from a progressive Jewish perspective.
Norman Finkelstein

Promoting West Asian Strategic Studies
Russell Tribunal on Palestine
Yemen News Agency

Birzeit Right to Education
Foundation for Middle East Peace (settlement reports and maps)
Goldstone Report
Israeli Occupation Archive
Stop the Wall Campaign
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights - Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights on Palestinian territories occupied since 1967
United Nations Human Rights. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Israel.
United Nations Human Rights. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Occupied Palestinian Territory.
40 Maps that explain the Middle East by Max Fisher

Egypt Maps
Gaza & West Bank Maps
Iraq Maps
Kuwait Maps
Lebanon Maps
Middle East Maps
Oman Maps
Palestine Maps
Qatar Maps
Saudi Arabia Maps
Syria Maps
UAE Maps
Yemen Maps
Al Ahram Weekly
Arab News - Saudi Arabia's English Daily
Egypt Today
Guardian - Israel and the Middle East
Guardian - Middle East Archives,3332,207873,00.html
Gulf Times
Jordan Times English Language Newspaper (Amman, Jordan)
Palestine Daily
Sami Moubayed’s The Forward magazine on Syria
The Leading English Language Newspaper in the Middle-East
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
Amnesty International
Arij (excellent collection of maps and information)
Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions Movement
Al-Awda (the Return)
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Center for Economic and Social Rights
Jewish Voice for Peace
Mada al-Carmel. Arab Center for Applied Social Research
Middle East Watch
National headquarters of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem
News and analysis you want about the Palestine Question and the Middle East peace process
Palestine Land Society
Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network
Palestinian Return Centre
Palestinian Solidarity Campaign
Read about Palestinian history, culture, and attachment to their land
Resource center for Palestinian residency and refugee rights
Palestinian policy network, is an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit organization
U.S. Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel
US Campaign to end Israeli occupation


Al-Awda (the Return)